Operation: Silent Storm JAR JAD (Java)

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This game is atactical step-by-step strategy with the developed role component, the rare and most worthy representative of this genre of games for mobile phones. Being the author of bright, grasping and hotly favorite by players of the whole world of strategy for PC, Nival Interactive quiveringly transfers the fallen in love worlds on mobile platforms. Secrets, plots, secret diversions, pressure of each game minute, allis accessible now on the mobile phone screen!Silent Storm will transfer you to fields of battles of the Second World War. Operating independently generated group of members of special mission unit, the player should collect data and proofs on basis of which he receives new tasks. Allieshelp the playerto carry out this hard problem, their general overall objective isto save the world from explosion of a nuclear bomb!Fighters of group are physically prepared boys, they creep go and run, and also perfectly shoot! The expense of forces on all these options, under the genre laws, is different! Having destroyed the opponent, it is possible to approach to a victim, to learn, who he is, and the main thing - to take away his weapon. But it is necessary to consider the character will need some time to test a trophy handgun or rifle.

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