Phil Mickelson 2005 s40b2 MIDP 1.0 1.0 JAR JAD (Java)

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Phil Mickelson enhanced graphics golf with optional TIPS(tm)

- Phil Mickelson 2005
will amaze you with it's fun, enhanced graphics, and gameplay.
- Play as Phil Mickelson
You get his power, his control and his finesse. What are you going to do with it?
- Play against Phil Mickelson
Always wanted to play against Phil? Play as Phil's arch rival TIJAY!
- Play a round with 1 ? 3 friends
Pass the phone around for a great round of golf!
- Personal Golf Course assembly
Build your own custom course or just play a hole or two at break time.
- Different game modes
Play Traditional, Match Play, Skins Game or Closest to the Pin
- Changing weather conditions
Don't let a little rain slow you down and don't ignore the wind!

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